Electric Chain Hoist

Increase productivity with chain hoist

With the advancement in technology, there are several devices manufactured to increase different industrial productions across the globe. Talking about the technology and equipments, electric chain hoist deserves special mention. A one ton chain hoist can do the work of many workers in fraction of seconds with electric. Along with the chain hoist, you need to hire a guide and an operator and you can take your business to the peak within less span of time. Hoists are used for multiple purposes, from heavy lifting to moving any equipment from one place to another. Whenever you need to locate heavy loads or need to lift them onto a pallet, the chain hoist trolley can be of great help. For the industrial needs, having a chain hoist is certainly mandatory. Within least possible time, you jobs will be done and you do not even have to pay to the increasing number of employees.

Chooing the right kind of the chain hoist

There are many chain hoist manufacturers in India, therefore getting one for your perusal is not really tough. An electric chain hoist can be managed and operated by only one person. However, it is always beneficial if there is an additional person to guide the operations of the machine. Before the availability of these chain hoists, the entire operation that the chain hoist performs, had to be done manually. Doing the work of the chain hoist manually means, to support the industrial operations the industry owners needed to hire men and women and increasing number of manpower means more expenditure. Keeping the importance of the industrial needs in mind, the electric chain hoist manufacturers in India has come along to aid of the industry owners. When you invest in purchasing the electric chain hoist you need few employees and your work will also get done within less span of time without much risk of injuries. Purchasing one electric chain hoist from the chain hoist manufacturers in Chennai is definitely one time investment, as once you purchase it your productivity will increase eventually but at much lower cost.

The specifications and price of the chain hoist

Depending on the models and the price of the electric chain hoist, the specifications vary. You can buy the chain hoist completely based on your needs and requirements. The chain container and the safety hooks are common to almost every model of the chain hoist. Each of the hoist will give a certain estimated lift weight, speed and cord length. However, here it is very important to mention that the weight, speed and the cord length depends completely on the kind of hoist you are buying. Electric chain hoist manufacturers in Chennai can give you a better insight about the chain hoists.

If you are into a business that required too much of heavy weight lifting and relocating from one place to another, you are in utmost need of manual hoists. there are many people who are quite much in dilemma if they should invest in the new machineries, but investing in chain hoist can give you lot more independence and flexibility.

Chain Hoist

  • Capacity - available from 250 Kgs to 5 Tons.
  • Disc magnetic braking device allows instant brake as soon as the electric power is cut off.
  • Lower Hook is ensured by its 360? rotation and safety lock.
  • Load chain length of 3 M as standard, Longer chains are available, upto 130 M.
  • All hoists are CE/ISO certified and come with Test Certificates.
  • Outer shell is made of light aluminium alloy , light in weight.
  • Chains are case hardened & have high resistance to wear & corrosion.
  • Hooks are hot forged with perfect strength.
  • IP 65 Water proof push buttons are applied. They are light in weight & durable.
  • Gear box utilizes an alloy steel helical & spur gear reduction.
  • Chain containers are standard accessories in our chain hoists.
  • Electrical Trolley - The side guide system makes the trolley movement smooth. Frequency control of motor speed is available.
  • Motorised Trolley - Trolleys are adjustable for wide range of flange widths.
  • Overload protection limit switches are mandatory in all our hoists.
  • IP 55 protection.