LX Chain Hoist

LX Chain Hoist

Most of our lifting and transportation solutions for light loads are powered by the Street LX electric chain hoist which provides precision lifting and durability at surprisingly attractive prices. The LX hoist is designed to meet the need for ultra efficient lifting and material handling in today's competitive world.This new generation hoisting technology is based on a highly modular and versatile concept with a huge number of hoist and trolley constructions.

The LX range is available in capacities from 125kg up to 5 tonne in almost every world supply voltage with single and dual speed options. Hoists are available in standard headroom construction or low headroom with chain diverter. LX hoists are designed for applications with eye suspension or powered, push, or hand geared trolley. All capacities are available at M5 (FEM 2m) with a wide variety of hoist speeds. All standard models are manufactured with rated capacities in metric tonnes or U.S. tons.

Standard or Low headroom Construction

The Street LX chain hoist is one of the most comprehensive ranges of electric chain hoist in the market with global distribution. All models and capacities are available in standard headroom construction with a range of adjustable powered or push trolleys. These are designed for monorail or single beam applications such as bridge cranes or jib cranes but twin beam solutions are also possible. Additionally eye suspension models for stationary hoist applications or applications with suspension trolley such as light crane and profile track systems are included in the range.

LX Standard headroom hoist with powered Trolley

Standard headroom and eye suspension models optimise side hook approaches but for those applications where upper hook position is critical in a restricted roof height the Street low headroom hoist with chain diverter trolley provides an unbeatable compact solution.

LX Standard headroom hoist with push Trolley

LX Eye Suspension hoist

LX Low Headroom hoist with Power Trolley

Street LX chain hoists are designed and built to give reliability and endurance in a wide range of industrial applications such as manufacturing, service and maintenance but our customers and distributors continually surprise us with new and innovative ways to use our products. We therefore have installations in sports, entertainment, scientific and military applications. For bespoke applications with curved monorail beams, the standard LX is suitable for a min. 900mm radius.