SC Smartlift and SC Smartdrive Speed Controllers

What is SC Smartlift & SC Smartdrive?


SC Smartdrive and SC Smartlift represent a quantum leap in crane drive technology. A microprocessor allows the infinitely variable control of hoist, travel and traverse motor speeds by means of a digital frequency and electronic braking module.
Each of the systems helps to reduce load swing and provide precise crane movements.

A frequency inverter is an electronic device, which converts constant voltage and frequency onto variable voltage and frequency. The crane drive characteristics are therefore programmable to suit the application

Standard features - SC Smartlift and SC Smartdrive

  • Programmable speeds with all motions.
  • SC Smartlift employs closed loop vector technology utilising a digital encoder fitted to the motor shaft.
  • SC Smartdrive employs open loop vector technology.
  • Programmable acceleration and deceleration.
  • Very slow minimum speed ranges (10:1 as standard with other options upon request) for precision handling.
  • Multiple speeds available when used with multi-position controllers.
  • Smooth starting extends the life of the mechanical drive components.
  • Reduced starting currents extends electrical component life.
  • Electronic braking reduces the mechanical brake wear.
  • User friendly LCD display on microprocessor.
  • Diagnostics facilities, including fault history available on all frequency inverters.
  • No speed variation between "no load" and "full load".
  • "Ultralift" high-speed light hook option is also available with SC Smartlift. Typically used with very slow speed hoist motions.

Smartlift and Smartdrive have infinitely variable speed control and may be programmed to achieve customised solutions in special applications and part of an integrated system of controls.
For total eradication of any load swing, see the XY-Zero Swing Prevention System.